Web Design

Nethit is a Web Design Agency in Haarlem that specializes in SEO, Usability and Web Psychology. We build websites with a focus on Usability, User Experience and Findability! So that you get visitors, and so that those visitors convert into customers.

At Nethit we take the time to get to know our customers and to understand their activities. This allows us to spread the the right message to your visitors and to Google! Our main goal is to make your website findable and to display your services or products in an understandable and attractive way.

At Nethit Web Design goes beyond appearances.

Of course, the appearance of a website does matter. But ultimately, having a website is about visitors, leads, quotes and orders! A website needs to be findable and bring you customers so that you can grow your business. To achieve this is a “pretty” website is insufficient. Your website must be build in a search engine friendly way and contain the right words. The words that people type in when they search for a product or service that you offer.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

We only make search engine friendly websites. Before we get started, we’ll investigate your market and see what your competitors are doing to be found. We analyze the possibilities and do some thorough keyword research. This helps us to find out what your customers type into Google. We will incorporate those words in the most important elements of your website so that you will be found quickly and conveniently by potential customers.

Dutch Web Design Agency in Haarlem near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Are you searching a Dutch speaking web designer? Nethit offers Webdesign services in Dutch, English and French. Nethit is located in Haarlem near Amsterdam and can easily be reached by car, train or plane. It’s a five minute walk from Haarlem’s Central station. And its twenty minutes away from Schiphol Airport.

We already have many customers in other regions and even abroad. This is possible thanks to our good location and the benefits of modern communication methods such as Skype. Feel free to contact us and arrange a Skype meeting.