subdomain shifts

Do I have to 301 redirect the “none www.” version of my domain to the “www version” or the other way around?

Do I really have to 301 redirect the “none www.” version of my domain to the “www version” or the other way around? Yes, because if you don’t this can happen: It happened to one of my clients (ignored my advice). After many years of running that site on the “none www version” Google decided […]

How I (a simple gardener) accidentally became a full–blown marketing ninja and big time ad publisher

Welcome to this site! I am Kim Pittoors, a Dutch SEO expert at Nethit and also the founder of A news website about SEO. Today I am gonna share my story for the first time, the story of a simple gardener with a hobby that got way out of hand. How I got into making […]

Data Driven SEO Analysis of 8M pages and 210M visits by Ranking Metrics

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a very interesting French SEO news website called Webrankinfo. My French is pretty well because I lived in France a couple of years. But I never thought about following the SEO news there too. The website is managed by Olivier Duffez who has been writing about SEO […]

Are free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt good for SEO?

A while ago one of my clients asked me if free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt are good enough for SEO. I didn’t know because I am only using paid SSL certificates, I never asked myself that question. So I Googled it but I didn’t find much information about it. I only found something about this in […]

Google Fred Updates

Google Fred not one but multiple updates with different goals

I just discovered that Google Fred is not one but multiple updates with different goals. The idea came to mind when I was writing a new article about Google Fred for I was writing about the discussion currently going on in the SEO community about Google Fred being a website quality or a link […]

Did Google just tweak Penguin 4.0 to kill PBNs & Linkschemes?

The word is going around that Google did an algorithm update in the beginning of February. Most tracking tools are showing signs of a recent update. But most white hatters are not experiencing big fluctuations. At the blackhat forums however, they are talking about it a lot, and they labeled it an update that target […]

Keyboost Linkscheme still working well despite Penguin 4.0

Last year I wrote an article with the title: Keyboost proves scraping, cloaking and other Black Hat SEO Techniques still work. The article is about a linkscheme called Keyboost. Its a service of the Belgian company “iPower”. You can find it by typing that company name in your address bar and adding .eu behind it. […]

Keyboost proves scraping, cloaking and other Black Hat SEO Techniques still work

Yesterday I stumbled upon yet another a scraper site linking in. I see those much too often and find it quite frustrating that people are still doing this. If you would have asked me about this before, I would have told you that these kind of black hat SEO techniques no longer work. Because they […]

French version of the Nethit Website online!

We just finished the French version of the original Nethit website at After numerous requests from our foreign customers we finally took the time to create a French version of our website. This website will most probably never be as active as our Dutch website. We don’t have enough time to actively maintain multiple sites, […]

Multilingual Webdesign in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a Multilingual Web designer in the Netherlands? Sometimes it can be hard to find a Web designer that knows the right languages to work on your multilingual website or project. This is where Nethit comes in handy! Nethit offers Webdesign services in Dutch, English and French. Nethit is located in Haarlem near […]