Facepalm Algo leak

Massive Leak of Google Search Ranking Features

Rand Fishkin and Mike King have exposed over 14,000 Google Search ranking features from a leaked document, verified by Fishkin. This document reveals extensive details on how Google Search operates, contradicting many statements Google employees have made over the past two decades.   Key Points: – The leak challenges Google’s public denials about using click […]

Google Maccabees Update?

Google Maccabees Update or BS? Is SEO Journalist Barry Schwartz going too far naming updates himself?

As most SEOs know there has been a substantial Google Update last week. SEO Journalist Barry Schwartz previously wrote an article in which he himself gave this update a name instead of Google. Yes, you read that well: He calls it the Google Maccabees Update. I needed some time to process that. I honestly did not know how to respond […]

Are Google Native Ads breaking the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

A couple of days ago I received an email from Google Adsense promoting their new advertising format called  “Native ads”. Native ads are ads designed to match the look and feel of your site which makes it harder for users to distinguish ads from the content. Barry Schwartz of SER recently wrote that Native ads violate the […]

Keyboost’s Black Hat Link Network Exposed

In January 2016 I wrote an article with the title: Keyboost proves scraping, cloaking and other Black Hat SEO Techniques still work. The article was about a Black Hat link network called Keyboost. Keyboost is an automated link building service of a Belgian hosting company called “iPower”. You can find it by typing this word in your […]

How to get influential followers on Twitter?

Today I want to share a valuable Twitter marketing tip with you guys. I am going to explain how I got lots of influential people to follow me on Twitter by creating interesting content and making lists. Making lists of influential people from your sector doesn’t only help you to find interesting stuff, it also helps you […]

Did you know that Google only measures the speed of your Desktop site?

Did you know that Google only measures the speed of your Desktop site?

Most SEOs know that page speed is a Google ranking factor.But did you know that Google only measures the speed of your “Desktop site”? The speed of your mobile site does not matter at all, at least not for Google. This will change when the mobile-first index gets introduced, probably be in 2018.

Did you know that choosing an SEO can make or break your company?

Did you know that choosing an SEO can make or break your company? The Google Penguin updates (battling unnatural links) are a good example of this. Some companies got hit so hard by Penguin, that they actually needed to fire people or even worse, they went bankrupt. A good example of this is the SEO […]

Keyword cannibalization is one of the most common mistakes among starting SEOs.

Did you ever hear the term “keyword cannibalization”? That doesn’t sound good, does it? Well, it’s actually one of the most common mistakes among starting SEOs. Keyword cannibalization occurs when a site has multiple pages about the same subject. Don’t do that! It’s completely senseless to add the same set of keywords to every page […]

Facepalm Algo leak

Most common mistake made when switching to HTTPS: Mixed Content

Since Google announced that websites running on a secured HTTPS connection are getting a bonus, many websites owners have installed an SSL certificate and switched to HTTPS. But a lot of those sites have mixed content issues. I guess it’s safe to say that having mixed content is the most common mistake made when switching to HTTPS. […]

Being yourself is the best personal branding you can get

I am a firm believer in being yourself, I wouldn’t have come so far if I were not. A lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to show their selves for who they are. They are afraid that people will judge them and disapprove. And yes that does happen, but if you are neutral, flat and fake you […]