Massive Leak of Google Search Ranking Features

Posted on: May 30, 2024, by : kim

Facepalm Algo leakRand Fishkin and Mike King have exposed over 14,000 Google Search ranking features from a leaked document, verified by Fishkin.

This document reveals extensive details on how Google Search operates, contradicting many statements Google employees have made over the past two decades.


Key Points:

– The leak challenges Google’s public denials about using click signals, dwell time, treating subdomains separately, and considering domain age.
– Mike King contextualized these documents with past leaks and DOJ antitrust testimony, finding a wealth of information on data for content, links, and user interactions.
– The documents describe features such as “siteAuthority,” click signals as votes, session click duration, “hostAge” for sandboxing new spam, and Chrome view measures.


  •  14,000+ ranking features
  •  “siteAuthority” calculation
  • Click signals as user votes
  • Tracking longest session clicks
  • “hostAge” attribute for sandboxing
  • Page quality scores using Chrome views

Google confirmed the leak but warned against assumptions based on potentially outdated or incomplete information.


Google acknowledged the leak and advised caution in interpreting the data.
– The source of the leak, Erfan Azimi, has come forward with a video:

I’ll continue to delve into these documents over the next few days.

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