How to get influential followers on Twitter?

Posted on: May 24, 2017, by : kim

Today I want to share a valuable Twitter marketing tip with you guys. I am going to explain how I got lots of influential people to follow me on Twitter by creating interesting content and making lists.

Getting influential followers on twitter

Making lists of influential people from your sector doesn’t only help you to find interesting stuff, it also helps you to get influential followers.

I actually figured this technique out by accident. I just wanted to make a good list for myself where I only see tweets of people producing interesting content.

I didn’t know this would also help me get influential followers. They just came in and I realized that must be one of the reasons.


Why lists will get you more followers on Twitter

Well, when you add someone to a public list they will get a notification. And that kind of notification is more interesting than just another new follower.

People will realize that you are really interested in following them, that you are not just in it for the follow back. But that you actually really have a genuine interest in what they do.

Because of that the chance they will look at your profile is much higher when you add them to a list than when you just follow them. You should, of course, make a good list also.

Don’t just start adding anyone to it. You should only add people that really have your interest. Be genuine! Otherwise, it probably won’t work. Some of the people I added to my list subscribed to it. So the content of the list is also crucial. Choose wisely!

Good content is the key

Also, don’t forget to tweet things that might have their interest first. Sharing articles from other people is okay. But the technique works even better when you write something on your own site.

An interesting blog post for example. Use an original image also when sharing. This is quite important. Never underestimate the importance of good graphics.

This technique helped me to get followers many times more popular than me on twitter. Because actually, if you post good content many of those influential people will follow you, even if you have only 50 followers yourself.

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